Thoughts on Deleting Facebook (For Good)

An internal monologue on what makes it so hard to pull the plug

  1. But Facebook messenger is so good for group texts, especially with green bubble people.
  2. I should’ve backed up all these photos. Now I have to download them all, one by one? Is this a punishment?
  3. Has anyone invented a printable Facebook Book company yet? Where someone curates your most memorable Facebook memories (including comments) into a nice photo album-type keepsake? Must include an embarrassing collage of all your past profile pics.
  4. I may never know anyone’s birthday after this. Would anyone remember mine? Extra sad in the time of Covid.
  5. This would be so much easier if I didn’t work in marketing. It’s ok for a marketing manager to be off all social media, right? (I’m keeping TikTok though. Quality content only.)

Welp, it looks like there isn’t any actual newsfeed content that’ll be missed. I guess it really is just a non-valuable time suck.